We localize video games, provide voice-over, multilingual translation, and QA.


We have provided vocal localization, translation, and QA since 2009. With partners all around the world, we work on projects of every conceivable scope. We provide continuous multilingual localization on any platform required.


We have used our very own in-office studio since 2016. Thanks to our proprietary software, we can record voice-overs quickly at excellent quality. Working with industry stars and brand-new talent alike, we are equipped to find the right actor for every project and format.

Localization QA

We will review the quality of the localization at any budget scale: from performing QA through screenshots and video clips to full-blown work with test builds and test kits​. We test all localization ourselves at our Moscow office. We can help prepare the text of any game for the localization process.

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Studying with Memsource

We would like to thank Memsource for granting us free access to their platform through the Memsource Academic Edition.

Do you also translate video games? Then let's do it together!

We’re inviting freelancers, teams, and agencies from all over the world to join us in collaboration.

Please send us your CV, rates, and a list of games you’ve worked on, highlighting your favorite projects. As a matter of fact, whether you’re a freelancer or a PM at a big localization company, we’d love to hear a few of your favorite titles :slightly_smiling_face:
Email us at vm@levsha.eu
For agencies: please note that we are interested in your native language, as well as regional languages in some cases.