We're cool. And you, too!
  • Dmitry Kurbakov

    Managing Partner

    What I do:

    I’m one of the Levsha’s founding members. I create systems, automate processes, control finances and occasionally manage localization projects.

    In my free time:

    I play video games on PC and PlayStation, and make plans to conquer the world. I’m secretly proud of my projects: Battlefield 3 and Pillars of Eternity 2.

  • Marina Đurаčić

    Head of Back Office

    What I do at Levsha:

    I’m responsible for invoicing, payments, salaries and all kinds of documents. I love participating in various endeavors that help our company grow.

    My personal life is pretty lively:

    I adhere to the NDA because I really love NDA and NDA, and I just adore when NDA NDA. It’s always a very rewarding experience!

  • Svetlana Smalyuzhak

    Localization Manager

    At Levsha:

    I teach games to speak other languages :) I find out what the client wants, assemble a team that is best suited for the task, and make sure everything is done well and on time.

    Outside of the wonderful world of game localization...

    I practice pole sports, travel around the country in my car, and, of course, play video games. I love fighting games, tycoons, interactive movies and RPGs (especially the Yakuza and the Witcher series).

  • Ksenia Mitryaykina

    Project Manager

    What I do at Levsha:

    I make my keyboard go click and I slow my browser down with hundreds of tabs—all in the name of localization and good writing.

    During my free time...

    I play video games, roll the dices with my party, draw things on various surfaces, and study how to be a bartender. At work, when I’m on a break, I like talking about my projects over a cup of tea. My favorite project is NDA of NDAs: NDA NDA.

  • Ksenia Kalugina

    Voiceover Director, innovator, facilitator of in-house operations and processes

    At Levsha:

    I'm in charge of non-Russian voiceovers, working with actors and sound. I love good scripts and engaging projects!

    I help with our business and operational processes and try to improve the quality of life of our clients and team.

    My hobbies:

    I love learning new languages, growing flowers, editing videos, doing improv, and all kinds of arts and crafts.

  • Daniil Sokolov

    Head of Loc

    What I do at Levsha:

    I read, watch, respond and improve.

    And during my time off:

    Still mostly stare at the screen, coding or playing some ancient stuff (gotta finish Zork already), but sometimes my attention is diverted to my kids, board games, the sea or the mountains.

  • Anton Akopov

    Service Quality Expert

    What I do at Levsha:

    I write guides and try to come up with new ways to optimize our workflows and improve our work in general.

    I spend my free time...

    On games. Can’t get enough of them. Seriously though, I really enjoy videogames, especially when they’re smart and have interesting mechanics. As for the projects I’ve worked on, I’m quite fond of Salt & Sanctuary—I used to be an editor of the Russian localization, and I think it came out quite well.

  • Feodor Kulikov

    Managing Partner

    What I do at Levsha:

    Various weird and complex projects. Mostly I handle tasks while “in the field.”

    My life’s goal:

    To make sure texts carry meanings—both shallow and deep ones. Meanings, after all, are the most important thing. I’m proud of the time when I worked on Shroud of the Avatar—it was impractical but very cool.

  • Fedor Bonch-Osmolovskiy

    Managing Partner

    What I do at Levsha:

    I try to be a jack of all trades and do a little bit of everything: marketing, client communications, helping with projects and overseeing processes. I occasionally manage localization projects too.

    What captivates me:

    I like engrossing things! I find motorsports and good books very engrossing. And Levsha localization studio is hugely engrossing to me.

  • Aleksandr Borisov

    Localization Manager

    What I do at Levsha:

    I’m a pro at offering helping hands—to the clients, translators and my fellow managers alike.

    In everyday life:

    I live by a warm sea, I love watermelons and beautiful old houses. One day I’m going to tattoo chevron quotation marks on my arm.

  • Veronica Panna

    Localization Manager

    What I do at Levsha:

    I manage communications between clients, translators, and game devs. I want them all thinking and talking about the meanings behind the words. I absorb the knowledge of my senior colleagues and hatch ambitious plots. I am known to dungeon some dragons on occasion. I love good voice acting and store countless tomes of player handbooks in my mind palace. I’m not all about games though — I’m also trying to drink less coffee and listen to more musicals.

    I dream big

    I want BioWare to get it together and make the Dragon Age 4 game we all deserve, and then I will put together a team and localize it like you wouldn’t believe! :D